Brake Work

Check Engine


Labor rate:  $88 / hour

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-Brake inspection / tire rotation.

-Premium pads & rotors.

-Brake lines.

-Brake hoses.


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-Although we do not provide state inspections here at Art's, we can help get your sticker.  After making sure your vehicle will pass with flying colors, we drive it to a local state inspection station.



-Timing belt jobs almost always involve replacing the timing belt, timing belt tensioner,

water pump, and necessary

crank and / or cam seals.  

-Your most frequent service includes oil, lube, & filter, checking & topping off all fluids, setting all tire pressures, & road testing.

-Holes due to nails, screws, etc.

are usually repairable.

-We have access to many brands of new tires, such as Yokohama, Michelin, Bridgestone, Firestone, and Mastercraft.



-Our scanners read

exactly which codes are turning on that pesky check engine light.  

family owned and managed since 1983

​​​Art's Automotive Repair, Inc.

We also specialize in:

*And much more!!

Oil Change

Timing Belt


35 Clyde Street Needham, MA 02492   |   (781) 444-1101

*We readily stock tire plugs, batteries, wipers, oil filters, regular & synthetic oils, transmission fluids, coolant, power steering fluid, and washer fluid.

Sick and tired of being taken advantage of, or not knowing what to  believe?  We've got you covered.  At Art's, we'll only 

fix what's broken and you'll never be overcharged.

-A/c diagnoses usually begin with a recharge.   Special dye will show up with an ultra violet light if any

leaks  are present.  *Dye is checked at a free  appointment 2 weeks after initial visit.


-Spark plugs.

-Engine air filter.

-Ignition wires.

-Ignition coils.

-Although we are not a body shop,

we do offer certain  services.  New or

used parts are available.

  -Door handles.          -Headlight / tail        

  -Sideview mirrors.     light lenses.     

  -Simple dents.

​  -Headlight restorations.



*Assistance with

State Inspection